Reproduction Wiring Harnesses

Made in the U.S.A.
All of our harnesses are hand assembled in the U.S.A.

Guaranteed Fit
All of our harnesses are guaranteed to fit exactly as original.

Technical Support
We don’t expect our customers to be “wiring-wizards”, feel free to call us direct with any questions you may have.

Correct Color Wires
Our harnesses always match the original factory color codes and gauge sizes. We use U.S.A. made Cross Linked Polyethylene type GXL wire which is much more tolerant to heat than the original PVC type GPT wire that was used from the factory.

Dip Soldered (when applicable)
All terminals are dip soldered (when applicable) to limit resistance loss.

Correct Connectors & Terminals
With over 300,000 different connectors and terminals in stock you can be sure the harness you receive will look identical to the original.

Correct Non-Adhesive & Cloth Tapes
All harnesses are wrapped with the correct non-adhesive or cloth woven tapes to assure a 100% factory appearance.

Try us and see why our Quality, Service and Support are unparalleled in the Restoration Industry.