Reproduction Battery Cables & Ground Straps

Exact Reproductions • Guaranteed to Fit

Correct Length & Terminals
All of our battery cables are tailor made for each specific application, as original. Most aftermarket cables are generic in length. Our cables also feature the correct terminals on each end. Fire retardant loom, grommets and clamps are also included when applicable.

Cable Gauge
Many aftermarket cable manufacturers use cheap "heavy wall" insulated cable to make you believe they are using the correct gauge cable. All of our battery cables are manufactured from the correct gauge cable. Cable gauge is critical to ensure a good ground and proper voltage flow.

Cable Ends & Spring Inserts
We adhere to GM's strict lead composition spec's to ensure long lasting performance. Our "Spring-Ring" battery cables feature an improved spring steel insert molded within the lead end.


Spring Ring Battery Cables
Side Post Battery Cables