Original Equipment Manufacturers

We've been supplying the automotive parts aftermarket and automobile manufacturers with wiring harnesses for over twenty years (take a look at a list of our customers). Our capabilities are not limited to automotive wiring, we also supply marine, farm equipment and appliance manufacturers as well.

Whether your company is interested in manufacturing 100 small pigtails or 10,000 complex custom made harnesses M&H has the resources to meet your needs.

Some of our manufacturing equipment includes:

Some of our design and engineering equipment includes:

We can build to your print or our engineers will help you design. Small and large quantities are not a problem and blanket Purchase Orders are accepted. With 20 plus years of experience working with material and supply chain managers, we can supply you with product on an as needed basis, JIT or whatever method you require.

If your interested in finding out more about our production capabilities or obtaining a quote, please contact our sales department.