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Auto Parts Stores and Body Shops can buy our products at a discounted price (10% off list price).

For businesses specializing specifically in the sale of Restoration Parts, or in Service/Restoration of Classic Cars; we offer a dealer program that offers discounted pricing based on an initial stocking order and/or yearly sales volume.

We require an initial request on company letterhead and all of the following:

  1. Copies of your city and/or state business license.
  2. Completed and signed dealer application.
  3. Completed and signed IRS Form W9.
  4. Completed and signed California Resale Certificate to receive tax exempt status. *
    * Only required for dealers based in California, or for dealers located outside of California that have affiliated companies in California.

For more information on becoming an authorized M & H dealer, please contact our customer service department at (562) 926-9552.