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Reproduction Wiring Harnesses

Console Harness
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Engine Harness
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Made in the U.S.A.

All of our wiring harnesses are hand assembled in the U.S.A.

Exact Reproductions

Our harnesses are manufactured to the original OEM specifications ensuring a perfect fit in your classic GM or Chrysler Muscle Car. Your harness will arrive to you fully assembled and ready to be installed. Simply plug it in and turn it on.

Correct Color Wires

Wire gauge, length, and color is exactly like stock original down to the last detail. We use U.S.A. made Cross Linked Polyethylene type GXL wire which is much more tolerant to heat than the original PVC type GPT wire that was used from the factory.

Correct Connectors, Terminals, and Lamp Sockets

GM and Chrysler used hundreds and hundreds of different Connectors, Terminals, and Lamp Sockets over the years, and we stock nearly all of the different types. Rest assured that any harness you receive from us will mate up to a factory original harness perfectly.

Machine Crimped Terminals

Metal terminals are machine crimped using 3 and 5 ton electro-mechanical presses, so you'll never have to worry about a loose connection. Terminals are dip, sweat or wave soldered when called for to limit resistance loss.

Grommets, Clips & Clamps

Rubber grommets, plastic clips and metal clamps that are taped into the harness are included. They are placed within the harness in the proper locations per the original manufacturers blueprint.

Correct Non-Adhesive & Cloth Tapes

All harnesses are wrapped with the correct non-adhesive or cloth woven tapes to assure a 100% factory appearance. A variety of tar dip insulating looms, and convoluted conduits and clamps are included when called for.

Technical Support

We don’t expect our customers to be “wiring-wizards”, feel free to contact us before or after you buy with any questions you may have.

Guaranteed Fit

All of our harnesses are guaranteed to fit exactly as original.

Try us and see why our Quality, Service and Support are Unparalleled in the Restoration Industry
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