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Custom Wire Harness Manufacturing

In addition to manufacturing wiring harnesses for the automotive Restoration market, we also build custom harnesses, pigtails, and wiring assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well.

Some of the markets we serve include:
  • Automotive OEM
  • Performance Aftermarket
  • Mobility Van Conversions
  • Electric Vehicles
  • RV and Bus
  • Farm Equipment
  • Marine

Whether your company is interested in manufacturing 100 small pigtails or 100,000 custom made harnesses M&H has the resources to meet your needs. We can build pigtails or harnesses from your engineering drawings/blueprints, or our engineering team can help you design a harness from scratch.

We have the largest selection of automotive grade GXL wire on the West Coast. We carry all the popular gauge sizes, and most colors and stripe combinations. Our extensive inventory of thousands of hard-to-find connectors and terminals (including discontinued GM/Delphi/Packard-Electric part numbers) is unmatched in the wiring harness industry.

We utilize components from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including:
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Some of our production equipment includes:
Artos MTX-10 Multi-Task Wire Processor
  • Fully programmable, allowing us to set your job up once and easily run it again.
  • Ability to cut, strip, and terminate both ends of a wire.
  • Runs at lightning speed, as many as 4,500 processes per hour.
  • Integrated wire tinning station.
  • Integrated Ink-Jet Marking station.
  • Integrated crimp force monitoring ensures no loose terminals.
  • Significant labor cost savings for high-volume jobs.
Injection Mold Machines

We can mold rubber and plastic connectors in-house in both small and large quantities. We can even design custom connectors for you.

Electro-Mechanical Applicator Presses

Our 3 and 5 ton Electro-Mechanical Applicator Presses crimp each and every terminal perfectly. Pull tests are never a problem.

Computerized Circuit Testers

All assembly follows strict quality control guidelines. Our digital circuit testers are programmed to check for continuity, mis-indexed wires, splice integrity, and scan for short circuits in every circuit.

Superior Engineering

Our engineering team has decades of experience designing automotive wiring harnesses. We are experts in manufacturing and know how to bring your product from ground zero to completion quickly and within budget.