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Reproduction Battery Cables and Ground Straps

Top Post
Picture of Top Post Battery Cable
Side Post
Picture of Side Post Battery Cable
Picture of Spring-Ring Battery Cable
Proper Length

Unlike generic aftermarket battery cables that tend to be too long, our battery cables are manufactured to GM & Chryslers original factory specifications to ensure the length will be perfect for your application.

Correct Gauge Cable

Cable gauge is critical to ensure a good ground and proper voltage flow. Many aftermarket battery cable manufacturers use cheap "heavy wall" insulated cable to make you believe they are using the correct gauge cable. We don't play that game; our battery cables have the correct number of copper strands inside, the correct exterior coating outside and meet or exceed GM, Chrysler and SAE specs for their intended application.

Part Number Stamping

Most GM Battery Cables in the 60's and 70's had a part number stamped on the side of the cable. We follow GM's blueprint specifications and stamp the correct part number on the side of the cable whenever it's called for.

Correct Grommets, Clamps & Loom

Our cables include the correct grommets, clamps, and fire-retardant loom/sheathing when applicable.

Upgraded Metal Alloys

We meet or exceed GM & Chryslers lead composition specifications to ensure long term reliability from our battery cables.

Correct Battery Cable Ends and Lugs

Our Top Post, Side Post and "Spring-Ring" battery cable ends match the factory designs perfectly. Top Post and Side Post cables include the correct bolts. The end lugs that attach to the starter or solenoid are just like the originals and feature the proper bend when applicable.

Improved "Spring-Ring" Inserts

Our R&D team spent countless hours improving the design of the Spring Steel insert used in our "Spring-Ring" battery cables. GM's original design was prone to early failure, often time losing sufficient clamping force within a year or two.

Picture of Battery Cable Part #: 12470
Picture of Battery Cable Part #: 03520
Picture of Battery Cable Part #: 05610
Picture of Battery Cable Part #: 22930
Picture of Battery Cable Part #: 22360
Picture of Battery Cable Part #: 27395